How It All Started

Miss Rubie is escorted by Deacon Alvin Clements on the Celebration Day!

When the Clements and Tyree Families decided to sell the Forty acres of land where the Pigg River Community Center now stands, one member of the family said that she wanted to let the Pigg River Baptist Association have the first say. She further stated: “This is what my Father would have done. He loved the Pigg River Baptist Association.” When the Association was made the offer, they jumped on it with all feet. The answer was a resounding “Yes”.

The lady with this foresight is Mrs. Rubie Meadows. She is a big supporter of the Pigg River Community Center. We’ve heard her say: “This is a great building.” We owe it all to you, “Miss Rubie”. You not only heard your Father, but you pushed for something that you felt would make a difference in the community. The Center stands brightly in the community. It is used by Franklin County and adjacent areas. Miss Rubie, we thank you for your kindness, your beautiful smile and your vision for a building.

*************************************************************In 1988, the Building Fund was established for the purpose of purchasing land to erect the building. In November 1992, we had a burning of the note ceremony. The Land was finally ours! On October 15, 2005, we had a Ground Breaking Ceremony. In October 2017, we had a “Mortgage Burning” Celebration.



Voice: The Pigg River Community Center is a Jewel and a Gift from GOD. Voice: Let me speak to the statement first and then I WILL try to answer the question. Without a doubt you are a Jewel that is bright and useful. You are definitely a gift from God. You are always welcoming. You have served many from near and far. In other words, your arms are spread wide for all to come and enjoy.

Voice: Now PRCC let me examine the question you asked. There are some thoughts I can put forth that may be answers. First, you were built 11 years ago which makes you still very young. They see you but they just don’t take the time to check you out. Second, you are good and good news does not travel very fast. There’s not a lot of gossip out there about you Well, you see…gossip draws crowds and goodness does not.

PRCC: Let’s stop speculating and let me tell all about me and why I should be embraced. As you have said, I am 11 years old. I am here because there were people who knew I was needed. Rev. David Wade made the recommendation in his last Moderator’s Address that I be built; the Clements and Tyree families had the land right on 220 South and Rev Millner saw to it that people raised the necessary money to purchase the land on which I would be built. What a DREAM! What a VISION! That should be enough but let me go on.

I should have support because I am backed by 16 Churches and over 950 members. I am happy because there are so many who stand tall with me every day. They appreciated my service. I have provided a place for a lot of things-family reunions, birthday parties, graduation parties, Mother’s an dFather’s Day activities, organizations’ meeting place, pageants, spaghetti luncheons, church services, vigils, circuses, fish fries, gathering for First Responders and the list goes on.

I stand in the a community where I am accessible. Without a doubt, I know God is the force behind me. I am proud of who I am. My prayer is to keep standing tall with a bright light so I can draw more to me. I want to not just be here but be here with a PURPOSE. If you want to see me don more-STOP ON BY AND HELP!

Voice: You have beautifully told your story. I want to end by thanking all who so diligently helped us with our efforts here at the Pigg River Community Center. Thank you for standing by us and making our journey as smooth as it was.