Pigg River Baptist Association


In the early 1900's, churches were not accessible as they wanted to be because of transportation. Therefore, the fellowship was extremely limited. After much discussion, the ministers and their members decided to organize in someway to deal with the concerns at hand. So in August, 1903, the Association was begun as the Pigg River Association of Virginia.

In 1906, it was crystal clear that the goals of the organization were to edify the kingdom of Christ on earth and throughout Franklin County and adjacent Counties; to encourage the true mission spirit at home and abroad; to help poor Sabbath-schools; to help poor churches; to lower the level of illiteracy among adults; and to raise the literacy level of the youth in the various church communities. The early committees were: Education, Licentiates, Sunday School, Time and Place, Hospitality, Moderator's Address, Foreign and Home Mission, Auditing, Nominating, Appropriations, and Finance.

The main project the Association had which made an impact on Franklin County was the building of the Franklin Industrial Academy which began education in Franklin County for Black people.

The next goal the Association had was to have a building large enough to hold the people that came together to worship. At that time, there would be hundreds of people on the grounds beginning on Friday afternoon through Sunday.

The members of the Association did not meet failure; they faced each challenge put before them with fortitude and help from the Lord.

Member Churches

Antioch Baptist Church
400 Ruritan Road
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-3737

Bellevue Baptist Church
3216 Hardy Road
Hardy, Virginia 24101
(540) 890-2767

Beulah Baptist Church
2335 Iron Ridge Road
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-7829

Castleview Baptist Church
2320 Algoma Road
Boones Mill, Virginia 24065
(540) 489-3830

Chestnut Grove Baptist Church
50 Inglewood Road
Wirtz, Virginia 24184
(540) 721-8660

Coles Creek Baptist Church
2125 Coles Creek Road
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-8606

First Baptist Church
45 Patterson Avenue
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-5339

First Mount Airy Baptist Church
2095 Truman Hill Road
Hardy, Virginia 24101
(540) 721-4779

Franklin Grove Baptist Church
3732 Hatchett Road
Penhook, Virginia 24137
(276) 576-1258

Holy Trinity Baptist Church
675 Colonial Turnpike
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-2700

Little River Baptist Church
543 Jacks Mill Road
Copper Hill, Virginia 24079
(540) 651-4101

Macedonia Baptist Church
325 Highland Hills Road
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 484-0306

Morningside Baptist Church
11799 Virgil H. Goode Highway
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 483-2486

Rising Sun Baptist Church
2417 Ramsey Memorial Road
Penhook, Virginia 24137
(540) 576-3481

Rock Ridge Baptist Church
5824 Haw Patch Road
Ferrum, Virginia 24088
(540) 483-5348

Second Mount Airy Baptist Church
1162 Poteet Road
Hardy, Virginia 24101
(540) 721-2852

Truevine Baptist Church
4025 Truevine Road
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151
(540) 576-3406

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